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Matthew J. Stott

Thanks for stopping by! If you're a fan of fantasy, magic, drama, humor, suspense, adventure... you're in the right place! I'm a fantasy author with some exciting stories to share with the world. Stay tuned to follow my journey!

About Matthew J. Stott

Originally from the Panhandle of Florida, Matthew J. Stott has had a love for writing creative fiction since the 4th grade. He absorbed every new vocabulary word he could and wrote short stories whenever he had the chance, fine-tuning his craft over the years and publishing a short story of his with his college, the University of West Florida, as well as a Health Communication case study with Oxford University Press, both in 2017.


As an avid fan of works such as Harry Potter, Star Wars, Marvel and Game of Thrones, Matthew's passion is telling fantasy stories with magic - TONS of magic. His goal with telling stories is to immerse readers in another world that feels completely different from our daily, mundane lives, while still writing authentic characters who share the same struggles as people in the real world.

Matthew is a Public Affairs Officer in the United States Air Force, residing in Illinois near St. Louis. In his spare time, Matthew can be found writing, reading, exploring or watching TV and movies with his beautiful wife, Stefanie, his adorable twins, Theseus and Athena, and his sweet pug, Lily.



The Portal to Aardon - Available now!


Marko Fember had lived a relatively normal life. There wasn't much exciting about Simmerton after all. Yet everything changed when he inherited dog tags that belonged to his father.

     Marko barely had time to find a homecoming date, never mind mastering magic, but now that he could shoot fire from his hands his priorities were rapidly changing. 

      Drawn further and further into a magical world and war he never knew existed, controlling his magic wasn't the only thing on Marko's mind. He needed to learn the dynamics of the war, the history of his people and find a path to save them all.

    Yet which side was in the right and what was the strange significance of the symbol on the dog tags from his father?

     To save his family, his friends, and his people, Marko needs to overcome his fears, learn how to harness his power, and defeat the warlock who would take it all for himself.

The Forbidden Hunt - Available Now!


Tattoos can be a blessing or a curse...

Join us on a journey through the world of tattoos and find out how our imaginative authors explore various scenarios and possibilities. Tattoos can be magical, they can be permanent, they can be temporary, they can be a gift from gods perhaps when one is born with a birthmark... they can bring luck to the bearer, and they can ruin someone's life. And what if tattoos are used for nefarious purposes? Find out for yourself in this must-genre anthology!

Each story is accompanied by a poem by Helle Gade. Included in this collection:

- The Forbidden Hunt by Matthew J. Stott

- The Demon in my Skin by Victoria Larque

- Dragon Maker by Annelie Janssen

- Saving Grace by Elizabeth G. Ellis

- Tattoos at Dawn by Ada Rossi

- The Crime by Kell Inkston


If you'd like to keep up with Matthew's writing journey and receive updates on things like cover reveals, book releases and more, subscribe to his newsletter below!

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