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Max Steel

The push towards electrification has transformed the automotive market with the adoption of newer, cleaner electric vehicles (EVs) as one solution to climate change. The years ahead will bring significant changes to electrification of vehicles. Cleveland-Cliffs is the largest producer of automotive steel and the only producer of electrical steels in North America. We are your partner in these rapidly changing times, providing electrical steel solutions like MOTOR-MAX steel.

Max Steel

American manufacturers, including automakers, are reducing their reliance on global supply chains, bringing production back to North America. Cleveland-Cliffs is the only U.S.-based company currently producing electrical steels like MOTOR-MAX steel. We boast highly specialized downstream steel finishing capabilities other suppliers cannot match. Our unique, vertically integrated company shields us and our customers from unforeseen supply chain disruptions.

Our steelmaking knowledge and commitment to sustainable business practices has allowed Cleveland-Cliffs to create electrical steels like MOTOR-MAX HF NOES with fewer greenhouse gas emissions than steel mills that use carbon-intensive energy sources and production methods. MOTOR-MAX HF NOES is produced in our electric arc furnaces (EAFs), utilizing a mix of high-quality direct reduced iron and recycled steel scrap.

The True Shift Max Stainless Steel Runners are the standard replacement runners for the True Shift Max Holder and are featured on the True Catalyst 9 Skate. They are built with a height of 18mm which provides players with sharp turns and extended sharpening life. In addition, they are made of high-grade steel to offer excellent durability.True also designed the Shift Max Stainless Steel Runner with a dual profile, meaning they have a 9' radius on the front and a 10' radius on the back. This radius combination helps to maximize blade contact with the ice in different skating situations, thus improving acceleration, stride power, balance in the corners, and overall maneuverability.IW can have your skate blades delivered profiled, sharpened and game-ready! With custom blade profile options including Zuperior, Quad and Ellipse, you can immediately improve your speed, stability and agility compared to stock flat profiles. We also offer a wide range of sharpening options and when it is time for a fresh profile or edge tune-up, use our Express Mail-In Skate Blade Profiling and Sharpening service. Select your blade profile and sharpening hollow when you add a blade to your cart. Learn even more here.

1-It is made of the finest plastic and has four wheels for easy movement.2-Elegant streamlined shape.3-Refinery of the finest types of stainless steel against rust.4-Stainless steel stick.5-Shatter-resistant with the ability to control the length up to 125 cm for greater comfort and ease of use Hand movement 180 degrees.6-Comfortable hand grip.7-It comes with 2 microfiber refills with super absorbent strips, up to 1 liter.8-It is used on all surfaces and walls, and it also helps to eliminate bacteria by 99%.9-Available in 5 attractive colors.

Steel is an alloy of iron and carbon; the atoms of one element occupy the spaces between the atoms of the other so that the materials are inextricably joined. Most steel also has ingredients to enhance specific characteristics. For example, stainless steels contain chromium to enhance stain resistance.

A Japanese high-carbon stainless steel with high strength, as well as good corrosion resistance, hardness, and wear resistance. Added vanadium refines the grain of the steel so that it takes a fine edge.

A Japanese high-carbon, low-chromium (for enhanced sharpenability) stainless steel that has proven to provide an excellent balance between toughness and strength, edge holding and corrosion resistance. Shun uses this steel in applications such as meat cleavers that require a tougher steel and the Classic Fillet for flexibility. 041b061a72


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