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Best Things To Buy For A Baby Shower

Looking to ball out at the baby shower? A one-step stroller is essential for any parent. They can skip the big and bulky stroller for this super sleek one. And yes! It's good for newborns and toddlers!

best things to buy for a baby shower

Jacquelyn Greenfield is an associate shopping editor at Cosmopolitan, where she covers the best gift ideas, sales, and more across all things beauty, fashion, lifestyle, and sex. She has a serious obsession with sneakers and lives for a great clear lip gloss. She previously worked at Nylon and has had bylines in The Zoe Report, Coveteur, and CR Fashion Book. Follow her on Instagram and Twitter.

Help baby make that first public appearance in comfy and cute style with this five-piece, 100 percent cotton set, which includes a reversible blanket, a snap sleeper, a short sleeve onesie, kimono pants and hat. If you need a gender-neutral baby shower gift, the gray racoon and star print is adorable, but there are other colors that make great baby shower gifts for girls or boys.

Searching for some good baby shower gifts that are a bit outside the norm? Choose from this list of creative baby shower gifts that will stand out from the crowd, like IQ-boosting blocks, a toy that gives the gift of sleep or a personalized keepsake Mom and baby will treasure for years to come.

Is Mom- or Dad-to-be a teacher or a scientist? These wooden blocks are the ultimate unique baby shower gift to introduce a curious baby to the wonders of the universe. The colorful handcrafted set represents all 118 elements on the Periodic Table and is sure to make nerdy new parents smile.

Want to win big with the baby shower crowd? This adorable, personalized critter bath towel is an instant thumbs-up. A dapper fox, complete with bow tie and glasses, is the perfect baby shower gift for boys, while the unicorn is great for a girl.

Many babies sleep better swaddled, but the advanced origami required to create the perfect baby burrito with a traditional blanket can be tricky, especially during a diaper change at 2 a.m. These Velcro swaddles are a foolproof way for even sleep-deprived parents to get the perfect wrap, which is why this two-pack for under $20 is such a good baby shower gift.

This is one of the best baby shower gifts for dads who love their Xbox. Any gamer would want to celebrate his ultimate achievement with this matching T-shirt and baby bodysuit set. There are three color options and a wide range of sizes to suit any daddy and me combo.

Deciding what kind of gift to bring to a baby shower can feel like an overwhelming process, especially when there are so many intoxicatingly cute options to choose from. Obviously, many of the specifics will depend on who the expecting parent is, what your relationship is with them, and how much you'd like to spend. But the one non-negotiable for baby shower gifts is that they should be something the parent and baby can use. This doesn't necessarily mean you have to go for the practical diaper pail over the adorable baby booties, but it does mean you should think about what the parent(s) will actually need for their new baby.

Many potential baby shower gifts have practical uses, but there are a handful of items that you simply can't go wrong with. From diapers and wipes to bibs and bottles, there are many things that no baby can seem to have enough of, but there are also certain items that are necessary in single or limited amounts, including a sound machine, a baby bath tub, and even a stroller. Just make sure to check with the recipient (or their registry if there is one) to make sure they don't already have some of these bigger items, or if they have a preference for the brand or style.

While there are seemingly endless options for baby shower gifts, the biggest challenge can often be finding something that the baby doesn't already have. The good news is that this can be a great opportunity to get creative. If the essentials are already covered, go for something a little bit more exciting, whether that's an adorable baby onesie, a unique book, or a personalized baby blanket.

Consumer Editor at, Heidi Scrimgeour (opens in new tab) says; "Buying a baby shower gift can be a minefield; do you go with a gift specifically for a pregnant mum, a new baby gift or some kind of post-baby treat that she can use on the other side? The answer really depends on the mum in question. If she's a skincare queen, go for pampering treats. If motherhood is a huge lifestyle change go for something personalised that she can treasure after the baby arrives. And if she's already a busy mum, treat her to something to help her take care of herself post-baby."

As baby shower gift ideas go this is a great choice. It's so easy to use, this star blanket has no zips or poppers and is suitable for use from birth. They're machine washable and a huge hit for most parents, no fussing with poppers or trying to get teeny newborn arms into sleeves.

There really are two types of best baby shower gifts, one for mum and one for baby. But these adorable unisex dribble bibs will come in handy for any new mum around the 4-6 month 'teething' mark. The cotton pieces come in various different designs including a fox, fish and cat. Dribbling never looked so cute and as mum-of-two Amy told us: "Like muslins, you can never have enough dribble bibs - they make the best baby shower gifts! Plus they brighten up a neutral outfit. I treated them as ties on my little one - they 'added interest' to an otherwise meh look."

As best baby shower gifts go, this is a great gift for a bit further down the line as baby grows. Temperature is a big deal to babies and they won't hesitate to let you know if they're too hot or too cold. This is why Grobags are a brilliant invention as they're like a wearable blanket. The baby is secured inside the bag with either a zip or poppers so they can't slip under the covers or kick them off and they can still move around comfortably.

Mum-of-two, Dee says her friend earned a few brownie points with this: "A fellow mum-friend gave us a Grobag at my baby shower, it was a complete bed time game changer for us. It kept our little one so snug, and as she grew was a great signaller that we were getting ready for bed. I upgraded as she got bigger, and got different sized togs for the seasons. And, when she was standing up her Grobag stopped her getting her leg over the cot and trying to climb out - double whammy winner, as it kept her safe too."

When it comes to buying baby grows always be sure to gift a few months older, new parents are usually completely covered for the first month but as their child grows (fast!) they'll appreciate anything 3 months+ they can turn too. And we adore this print. Again, something parents probably wouldn't buy which is why it makes the best baby shower gift to give.

As best baby shower gifts go this is a goodie. Did you know that just after birth, a baby sees only images that are 8-12 inches from their face and in black and white, with shades of gray. As the months go by, they slowly start to develop their colour vision - this happens at around 4 months, according to research by the American Optometric Association (opens in new tab).

Mum-of-one Kiran tells us how 'tummy time' was the bane of her early motherhood days; "I still shudder at the phrase tummy time, I'd never heard of. But it's a big deal apparently. And this bumper, which I received as a baby shower gift, worked wonders. My little one loved trying to reach for the toys."

As best baby shower gifts go this is up there as pure luxe. Now, we know it seems like it won't but this will keep your little one cool in the summer and cosy warm in the winter. It's 100% lambs wool and one of the best budget buys on the market. The ultra soft texture of the Australian Merino lambskin will ensure baby travels in comfort, and it protects your best pram (opens in new tab) from spillages. This is machine washable too.

A true MVP for any parent, this thermometer deserves the 'Most Valuable Player' accolade as it is truly a brilliant buy. Mum-of-one Lisa always gifts it at baby showers; "Thermometers are something I as a new parent, didn't really think about. It's not until you are up at 2am with a screaming baby and panicking about a potential raging temperature that you realise the value of a decent thermometer. I spent so much on three other cheaper alternatives, when I should have just come to this one - it beat them all."

Mum-of-two Louise explains how this baby gift doubled up on the day; "I remember vividly that my SIL set this up as my gift at my baby shower filled with ice and bottles of champagne in it. I still chuckle when I think about it. But it was a great gift - I had to use it up on the table as I had a c section but it lasted us a long time."

A cellular cotton blanket is an ideal choice from baby shower gift ideas. Cellular just means lightwight with holes in it. These allow baby to keep warm but enable air flow and should baby somehow man age to get the blanket over their face, the blanket by design has holes for air to flow.

As best baby shower gifts go this clever dispenser is a keeper. Using it means wipes on hand for quick access on the go. With a large button for easy, one-handed opening and a silicone tether that securely attaches the dispenser to pram handles or changing bag straps.

As best baby shower gifts go this is useful and chic. Your soon-to-be new mum friend will realise that a teething baby will literally chomp on anything to hand. So having a teething-friendly bangle will save a lot of worrying.

Many mums will declare they won't be using dummies, and whether they do or don't is a-okay. It's sometimes good - if you can - to have these things to hand just in case. And these beautiful modern silicone dummies are perfect for the stylish soon-to-be mum in your life. They're probably something parents wouldn't buy themselves making them the best present. 041b061a72


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