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Disney's Pinocchio (2022) - My Version

So, as most of us are aware, the new Pinocchio movie wasn't received very well. It was another beat-for-beat remake that failed to do anything interesting, new, or creative.

Well, that's where I had an idea on what they could've done instead. Much like 2018's Christopher Robin movie, I think Pinocchio could've benefited as a sequel rather than a remake. Call it "The Wooden Man" or "Honest" or something along those lines to differentiate this story from the original Disney classic.

If you've watched the show Once Upon a Time, which adapts Disney and other fairy tale characters into a modern day environment, there's a Pinocchio character who goes by the name August who has a really interesting storyline with the main character, Emma. He became a real boy, much like the original Pinocchio story we all know and love, but as he got older, he started to become tempted by the pleasures of the world. He lost his way as a man and, as a result, began turning back into wood.

Are you following where I'm going?

"The Wooden Man" or whatever they would've called it could've followed the story of an older Pinocchio, the same Pinocchio from the timeless classic who simply grew up and started to lose his way. To add some emotion, have Geppetto die as he would've been very, very old. Maybe he's even lost Jiminy too (what's the lifespan of a cricket?). Without his father or conscience there to guide him, Pinocchio would have to go on a journey of self-discovery to learn what it truly means to be an honest boy/man once again.

I think this could've worked really well or at least it would've been received a lot better than the Pinocchio movie we got. What do you think?

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