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Bennett Torres
Bennett Torres

Kuka Officelite Krc V4.1.7 UPD

I can install and operate the Kuka officelite you provided in the link, but the Kuka Sim Pro requests a license file.The only file I can find in the directories is 'irunin.dat'But that file does not seem to be the correct one.How can I activate Kuka Sim Pro 1.1 I downloaded from the link?

kuka officelite krc v4.1.7


For the KRC2 i use old KUKA Sim PRO 1.1 and OL 4.1.7 SP08 demo which was a long time ago free and full working version of 30 days...(if you find in registry where the key is stored, you delete it and it works again for 30 days ;))... but KSS v4.1.7 was used on old KRC1 and some later KRC2 on win95... but programs tested there are working also on KRC2 on WinXp and KRC2 ed05... and even i did transitions on KRC4 from KRC2 if the robot arm is the same( like KR30-3, etc...)


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