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Books (In the Works)

Matthew recently left the traditional publishing world and is now diving into the indie author world, starting with the rerelease of his debut novel, "The Portal to Aardon," in late summer 2024 and the sequel, "The Ashes of Ignis," in winter 2024.

The Portal to Aardon
(Mark of Ember - Book 1)

(Cover reveal coming soon!)


Deep down, there’s a fire burning in all of us…


Sixteen-year-old Marko Fember did everything he could to live a normal life. He avoided the testosterone-fueled jocks at his high school, was slammed against lockers by aforementioned testosterone-fueled jocks at his high school, found refuge in video games and comic books, and at the end of the day had two of the best friends imaginable.


That all changes when Marko is gifted mysterious dog tags that belonged to his deceased father, and he becomes an accidental pyromaniac. As he seeks the origins of his newfound fire abilities, he discovers he’s from another realm called Aardon, and that his people traveled to Earth through a portal to escape a disastrous conflict started by an evil warlock.


As if the stresses of growing up and finding yourself weren’t enough, Marko must now learn to harness his magic and reopen a portal home, or else the fates of his people, his loved ones, and his realm are doomed. Will he rise like a phoenix, or crumble to ashes?

The Ashes of Ignis
(Mark of Ember - Book 2)

(Cover reveal and blurb coming soon!)

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