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Is Dyson The Best Vacuum To Buy

When the Dyson V11 arrived, I was impressed by how much they were able to fit into a relatively small package. Upon opening, I unveiled the vacuum, a connecting shaft, several attachments, a docking station, a charger and the Torque Drive head.

is dyson the best vacuum to buy

I had to empty the cleaning bin twice as I vacuumed my tiny one-bedroom space. Yikes! But luckily the process was super simple. I disconnected the machine from the shaft, pulled down the opening bin over the trash and snapped the bin back in place.

To empty the Dyson V11, remove the shaft and any attachments, then position the vacuum head over a trash can. Push down on the red lever to release the debris. On occasion, you may need to reach into the canister to reach debris that has wadded near the top of the canister. (This happens to me often as I have very long hair.)

Writer Liam McCabe logged hundreds of hours of researching and testing vacuums, including hands-on experience with a few dozen cordless vacuums and well over 100 vacuums total (covering plug-ins, handhelds, and robots).

But today, some cordless sticks are good enough to be the workhorse vacuum in a lot of homes, digging dust and grit out of thick rugs, keeping up with hairy pets, and packing enough battery life to handle sprawling square footage.

Carpet-cleaning performance is our main focus because it separates the just-fine vacuums from the really good ones. Plenty of cordless vacuums work well on short rugs with debris like crumbs, grit, and most hair. The real test is how a vacuum performs on longer, denser rugs, since most models struggle to dig out clingy debris (like dust or embedded hair) from these types of fibers.

However, a lot of popular cordless sticks are top-heavy, with the bulk of the weight resting in your hand rather than near the floor. Most Dyson models in particular have long used trigger-style power switches that you need to squeeze constantly to keep the vacuum running. By the end of a long cleaning session, that combination can be uncomfortable for anyone, and it can be especially painful for people with chronic wrist, hand, or forearm pain.

Most of the time, the advertised battery life is about the same as the real-life run time. We confirm this for each model by running the vacuum with no breaks on medium-pile carpet (these are the harshest conditions for a battery and should result in the shortest possible battery life).

In our controlled tests, the V8 sucked more sand and baking soda out of more kinds of rugs than other cordless vacuums at this price (and some pricier models, too), including popular sticks from brands like Bissell, Shark, and Tineco. It performed better on its lower-suction, battery-preserving setting than many (though not all) other vacuums did on their maximum-suction, battery-draining settings. On its Max setting, the V8 even outperformed some models that are significantly more expensive, too.

Apart from the cleaning performance, the V8 is pretty typical of cordless vacuums at this price, with lightweight (but top-heavy) handling, enough battery life to clean most apartments or small houses in a single session (up to 1,500 square feet, give or take), and relatively easy maintenance (but not-so-great reliability).

Each of these variants comes with slightly different sets of clip-on tools, but they always include a crevice tool, a bristled brush, and a motorized brush for vacuuming carpeted stairs and upholstery.

According to our analysis of customer reviews, the CordZero also seems to be a reasonably reliable cordless vacuum. And LG appears to keep spare parts (including batteries) in stock, for non-ridiculous prices.

Dreame, a newish vacuum brand, makes a few vacuums with similar specs and at similar prices to those of our main picks, so we tested the midrange Dreame T20 to see how it stacks up. The T20 is rather ordinary, with decent performance but a worrying rate of defects according to our analysis of customer reviews. The electrical wiring that runs through the wand, to connect the cleaning head to the main vacuum unit, seems like it wears out much more frequently than on other vacuums.

Liam McCabe is a former senior staff writer for Wirecutter, and has covered the wild world of appliances since 2011. After testing dozens of robot vacuums, he is neither worried about AI nor holding his breath for self-driving cars. He enjoys visiting factories and learning about regulatory loopholes, and has flooded our testing area only three times.

The Dyson V11 Animal Vacuum retails for $630. This price puts it in the top three most expensive vacuums to make our ratings, ranking behind just the iRobot Roomba s9+ Robot Vacuum and the Miele Complete C3 Calima Canister Vacuum.

The Dyson V11 Animal Vacuum and the Shark Navigator Lift-Away Deluxe NV360 Upright Vacuum tie for first in our rating of the Best Vacuum Cleaners of 2023. However, each of these vacuums offers unique features that may make it a better fit for different households.

The Shark Navigator Lift-Away Deluxe has a retail price of $220, making it a more attractive option for those on a budget compared to this Dyson V11 at $630. This Shark Navigator is also a corded upright vacuum, while the Dyson V11 is a cordless stick vacuum. Consider the layout of your home, particularly how many flights of stairs you have and the number of rooms you plan to vacuum at one time, to determine if a corded or cordless vacuum is the best choice for your needs.

If purchasing a vacuum with a long warranty is important to you, you may prefer the Shark Navigator Lift-Away Deluxe NV360 Vacuum over the Dyson V11 Animal Vacuum. Shark offers a 5-year warranty with this model, while Dyson only offers a 2-year warranty for their cordless vacuums.

The Dyson V11 Animal Vacuum and the Dyson Ball Animal 2 Upright Vacuum are both top-performing vacuums with a lot to offer. Either of these models could be a good choice for pet owners, as this V11 has anti-tangle technology and the Ball Animal 2 comes with a tangle-free turbine tool.

There is also a significant difference in the weight of these vacuums. The V11 is one of the lightest vacuums in our ratings, weighing just 6.5 pounds. Conversely, at 17.5 pounds, the Ball Animal 2 is one of the heaviest vacuums in our list. Weight can be an important factor to consider, especially for those with multiple flights of stairs in their home or for individuals who have trouble lifting heavier items.

The Dyson Ball Animal 2 Vacuum ties at No. 4 in two of our ratings: the Best Vacuum Cleaners of 2023 and the Best Vacuum Cleaners for Pet Hair of 2023. It also ties at No. 3 in our evaluation of the Best Vacuum Cleaners for Pet Hair of 2023. The Ball Animal 2 is an upright vacuum specifically designed with pet owners in mind.

This is a multi-surface vacuum, making it suitable for deep-cleaning bare floors, such as hardwood, vinyl, and tile, as well as carpeted surfaces. The self-adjusting head senses the surface height and raises or lowers itself accordingly to ensure an ideal seal and maximum suction to remove pet hair, dust, and other debris. Professional reviewers share that the Ball Animal 2 offers powerful suction that leaves floors clean.

The Shark Navigator Lift-Away NV356E S2 Professional Vacuum places at No. 3 in our Best Vacuums of 2023 rating, and the Dyson Ball Animal 2 Vacuum places just one spot below it at No. 4. These are both upright vacuum cleaners designed for use on a variety of surfaces, including hard flooring, carpets, and upholstery.

Those with different flooring surfaces on the same level of their home may appreciate the self-adjusting cleaner head of the Dyson Ball Animal 2. The height of its base plate automatically adjusts as the vacuum moves from one flooring surface to another. This allows it to seal in suction based on the type of flooring, saving users the hassle of using a lever whenever they transition from vacuuming hard flooring to carpets or vice versa.

The Dyson Ball Animal 2 Upright Vacuum and the Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Turbo Plus Upright Vacuum tie for No. 4 in our rating of the Best Vacuum Cleaners of 2023. Both vacuums are specifically designed with pet owners in mind. For example, the Dyson offers a tangle-free turbine tool with counter-rotating brush heads to prevent pet hair from wrapping around the attachment, and the Bissell includes a tangle-free brush roll and the Cyclonic Pet Hair Spooling System that seamlessly releases hair, dirt, and other debris from the dirt cup without the user having to touch its contents.

Dyson offers a wide selection of vacuum cleaners, including upright vacuums (like the Ball Animal 2 Vacuum), cordless models (such as the V11 Animal Vacuum, V15 Detect, and V8 Absolute Vacuum), and canister vacuums (like the Dyson Big Ball Multi Floor Vacuum).Dyson offers a wide selection of vacuum cleaners, including upright vacuums (like the Ball Animal 2 Vacuum), cordless models (such as the V11 Animal Vacuum, V15 Detect, and V8 Absolute Vacuum), and canister vacuums (like the Dyson Big Ball Multi Floor Vacuum).

While they often last longer, Dyson only backs its cordless vacuums with a 2-year warranty. Corded vacuums come with a longer 5-year warranty. During this period, Dyson will repair or replace broken vacuums at no cost to the customer. The warranty also covers select parts and batteries. However, Dyson will not cover damages or costs that result from an unauthorized agent attempting to fix a Dyson vacuum.

Shopping for a Dyson vacuum can feel like you've been sucked into one. There's a dizzying array of models on sale at any given time, and every new model of vacuum tries to outdo the last one by packing more and more features. Now that the newest machines feature things like lasers and LCD screens, it's easy to get overwhelmed by deciding whether you need them.

Stick vacuums get all the attention, and in most cases, they should. Cordless and weighing under 7 pounds, they're easy to maneuver and handle, and they convert into handheld models in seconds. The V15 is Dyson's latest and most expensive stick vacuum. 041b061a72


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