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The terse back and forth between the farming family and their newly snared prisoners is the best Hillwalkers has to offer. There are some exciting scenes later on when the hunters become the hunted. The backwoods bonded the farmers in savagery whereas all those kayaking excursions, company picnics and late-night brainstorming sessions has made the hillwalkers a family unit that works together. What bands the city folks together tears the country apart.


This comprehensive guide for hillwalkers details routes on 295 mountains in North-West Scotland north of the Great Glen. The area includes Ardnamurchan, Ardgour, Knoydart, Glen Shiel, Glen Affric, Glen Cannich, Monar, Applecross, Coulin, Torridon, Loch Maree, The Fannaichs, Beinn Dearg, Coigach, Assynt and Sutherland. 041b061a72


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