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Obey Me! Episode 6

The first LGBTQIA+ relationship openly introduced is the polyamorous relationship between the Aes Sedai Alanna Mosvani and her Warders Maksim and Ihvon in episode 4. Ihvon reclines against Maksim around the Warder's fire at the Aes Sedai camp. The two men are openly comfortable with their affection, and the other characters are equally comfortable, and the narrative treats this with casualness. It's then revealed that it's not just Ihvon and Maksim who are together, but the two are also in a polyamorous relationship with Alanna, and the three depart for the night together.

Obey Me! Episode 6

The first of the main characters revealed to be LGBTQIA+ is Moiraine Damodred (portrayed by starring actress Rosamund Pike). In episode 6, Moiraine is revealed to be in a relationship with the Amyrlin Seat, the queenly ruler of the Aes Sedai, Siuan Sanche. Their affection is depicted warmly, with them meeting up for the first time in two years. The two women must keep their relationship secret, not because it's a same-sex relationship, but due to the power dynamic; the Amyrlin Seat is not supposed to have such a relationship as it would be a show of favoritism. Moiraine's warder Lan appears to be the only person who knows of their relationship, and he is supportive, telling Moiraine, "Give her my love," before Moiraine goes to meet her. The scene in which Moiraine is exiled so that she can leave to complete her mission is difficult for both women, and although it's a scene in which Moiraine will be leaving, the oath Moiraine whispers to Siuan is reminiscent of wedding vow. 041b061a72


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